We have some very sad news to share with you today. A little stray puppy we called Vanilla, has been receiving treatment at the Center of Hope in the last few days. She was found on the side of the road unable to use one of her back legs and in a lot of pain. She was brought to our Center by a kind passerby who asked us to help her.

We don't know how long Vanilla had been sick or how long she had been left on the side of the road alone. Dr Aurelian and the team assessed Vanilla and immediately discovered that not only did she have this terrible injury but she also had parvo virus. Vanilla was placed in our isolation ward and has been receiving treatment for the parvo virus in the hope that she could pull through and have surgery to fix her broken leg. Unfortunately, despite our team's best efforts, Vanilla's little body wasn't strong enough to beat the virus. Vanilla condition got worse and the team decided to let her go peacefully and end her suffering. Rest in peace sweet, beautiful, innocent little Vanilla.

We know people will find Vanilla's story distressing but we wanted to share her story to show how important our spay and neuter programme is. Spaying and neutering as many dogs as we can will mean puppies are not born to suffer like Vanilla. The more we can sterilise the quicker we reduce the suffering. Please help us to win this war - for Vanilla and all the dogs that have no one else to care for them, no one else to be their voice, no one else to stop their suffering.

Please donate to support our spay and neuter programme at www.romaniaanimalrescue.org/donate For less that a dollar / euro / pound a day you can make a huge impact on the number of dogs Dr. Aurelian and the team can sterilise. Dr. Aurelian and the team really need your help. They are all devastated by the death of Vanilla. Please donate if you can to make a difference today.