Mission Accomplished! The Vatra Dornei spayathon was held August 7 and 8. 51 animals were spayed/neutered, 34 Dogs (19 Female and 15 Male) and 17 Cats, most pregnant. Thanks Romania Animal Rescue, Inc, Nancy Janes, Maz, Sue, Maz n Horace, all the donors, Dr. Livioara Rotariu, Lelia Leandra, the Dream Team and volunteers. Without these wonderful people these campaigns could not take place. Thank you Lord Mayor Elias Bonches Media Orion, Mountain Rescue Team and Team Management Service Dogs for the support and all the volunteers who were with us. With the help and the involvement of all these projects we continue to benefit the animals! Many thanks to all our generous donors who made this possible and bless the wonderful fundraisers and people who run for the raffles and to help us do these campaigns! These projects must continue! Only with your help will be possible. Thank you so much lovely people!

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