Dear Friends

In October 2019, Dr. Aurelian Stefan and volunteers visited a very impoverished slum area east of Bucharest. Our goal: Teaching the animal human connection and helping them to live in healthy harmony.

As Aurelian says, "No one visits this village. No one talks to these children about animal welfare." Animals received vaccines and deparasiting treatment. RAR provided toothbrushes and toothpaste, and toys to the children. We brought puppies in most dire care to the Center of Hope for treatments from injuries and suspected parvo. A dog named Columbus was suffering from a broken leg and taken to the Center for surgery.

This trip is RAR's third visit to Bucharest and the start of many trips planned for the future. The Vet Patrol is teaching these communities with poor people to strengthen the human/pet bond, and we're gaining their trust.

We hope to send the HOPE mobile to do a spayathon in Bucharest in the spring. Gaining trust of people is vital. Most don't know the importance of vaccines, have never heard of deparasite. The children do not attend school. Now, thanks to our posts on Facebook, a number of generous people are sending clothes, shoes and toys to this village.

Together we can accomplish so much. Please support our Vet Patrol mission so we can return to this slum village and many more like it. Thank you for helping us to help them.