Aenn Pelz

Aenn volunteers for RAR in Germany, helping managing incoming donations and rehoming stray dogs that have been helped by RAR.


Annemiek Wienke

Annemiek volunteers for RAR in the Netherlands, where she helps promoting the work of the charity and maintaining the charity's Dutch online media account.


Ariane Coury

Ariane is a fundraiser, supporter, Facebook promotion work and design, spayathon volunteer. PhD. in Neuromolecular Pharmacology from Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6.


Birgitta Geerlings

Birgitta is volunteering for RAR in the Netherlands, helping organize fundraising dinners as part of the “Charitea Sweets” program.


Bonnie Siddons

Bonnie is a Board Member, supporter, spayathon volunteer and manages the charity's paypal accounting.


Cassie Carney

Cassie is volunteering for RAR in the UK, as part of the fundraising program.


Diana Nicolae

Diana is volunteering for RAR in Romania, both as part of the web developing team and taking part in spay/neuter campaigns. 

Ellen Benninga

Ellen Benninga

Ellen is a marvelous artist in the Neatherlands who donates her work to help raise funds for RAR spay campaigns and Center of Hope.   Ellen has creative fundraisers to enable RAR to accomplish more, such as her hair cut fundraiser.

Frank Goralski

Frank Goralski

Frank is RAR’s trusted photographer living in Germany, who helps document the spay/neuter campaigns we organize. Frank also helps place Romanian stray dogs into adoptive families in Germany.


Ian Washington

Ian is volunteering for RAR in UK, helping organise fundraisers and fostering Romanian dogs before they find their forever homes.

Joke Plenk

Joke Plenk

Joke volunteers out of the Netherlands and helps with fundraising. She is a strong believer that the only way to solve the stray problem is spay & neuter. So after profound investigation she joined RAR since April 2016.


Karen Polly Sartain

Karen volunteers for RAR in the UK, managing the Sunny Days fundraising program.


Madalina Nicolae

Madalina is an animal rescuer and a RAR volunteer in Romania,  providing hands-on help at spay/neuter campaigns and concepting and developing the graphic design for this website.


Maggi Waite

Maggi is volunteering for RAR in the UK, helping coordinate fundraising events and online auctions.


Maz Fouler

Marianna Foulger (Maz) joined RAR in 2014 after hearing about the work that Dr. Aurelian Stefan and the rest of the vet team were doing to save homeless animals in Romania. After that she took a very active role in rehoming many of the animals that RAR helps spay and neuter. She lives in the UK.


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