We really need your help! We have opened our doors for an emergency case. This little dog, called White Falcon, has been hit by a car and has no owner. The rescuer who found him and has been caring for him posted a cry for help. No one was interested until Dr. Aurelian saw the post and responded - WE WILL HELP!

When Dr. Aurelian learnt of his injuries, he asked that the dog be brought to the Center of Hope as quickly as possible so that he could be given the medical treatment that he urgently needed. The longer these injuries are left untreated the less likely that the animal will live, limbs can be saved and they can fully recover. This little boy is only about a year old and he has very serious injuries. He has a fractured pelvis and femur.

Dr Aurelian and Dr. Pepe have worked for hours in surgery today to repair the damage done to this poor little boy. The good news is that his prognosis is good and with the help of our team he will walk again. He has a second chance of a happy life. The implants required to fix his bones cost 400 euros and in total we estimate his costs to be 900 euros.

We really need your help to pay for his surgery as we have so many animals to help and the plates and screws used in big surgeries like this are so expensive. Every euro will help to pay for this little lad’s medical treatment.

Can you please chip in towards his costs?