I am nothing, a nobody!

puppies dumped

Born on the street to fight for my survival day per day. What is quite normal for a pet is a daily struggle for me! To find fresh water is really hard. I drink from dirty puddles just to avoid dying of thirst. Sometimes I see a "nice“ human, a human, who is so gracious to give me some fresh water or even a bit food. Unfortunately you cannot see if they are really nice. Often I think: "He looks kind, he is gonna give me something… I wag my tail and approach cautious and slowly… I don’t want to frighten him, I am a kind dog. But as soon as I reach him this nice human starts to become a monster, with his friends.

They kick and they beat me, they insult me. "Go away you dirty stray!“ they say. Sometimes I don’t know what is worse: the pain of my wounds or these words in my head. A secure and warm place to find where you can sleep is so hard, nearly impossible. All of us are searching such places when it is getting dark or when it starts to rain. But only the fastest and strongest get those good places. I am getting tired in the last few years. It is cold and this daily struggle makes me sick and tired. I had no food today… Also yesterday no food.. My old and sick bones make it difficult for me to get something. If I find a safe place to sleep I leave it very rarely because I am afraid. There are many young nobodies. They are stronger and haven't lost their hope yet. But soon… then they will loose their hope! In my neighborhood there is a nice female dog. She is the mommy of 5 puppies. I love to watch them playing without any trouble and how they idolize their mommy. Their father is unknown... Too many male dogs are not neutered. Even she, the mommy, told me that she never wanted to have puppies again. Not in a world like this, where it gets harder for us day by day… the fear and the violence is constantly growing… Well… She is standing there, completely undernourished and the wound at her back which is getting worse, open and bloody… But she is a amazing mother, always there for her little ones. She cares for them as best as she can, tries to feed them a bit. The stomach of one of her babies is swollen and I know it is not because he eats too much... no, he is full of worms and very soon the others will look the same… What kind of a world is that where such lovely creatures have to suffer in a cruel way like that? Then I think: Why? There is a way to prevent this! It can be stopped! SPAYING and NEUTERING! That is the only way to reduce this suffering.

For me it is too late but for all the others who will follow I wish a better world. All these poor, lost creatures should not be born, they should not see this suffering, they should not have to bear this. Today I stay here at my place. I am very tired and weak. I watch the little ones for a while and then… I close my eyes… I can see a bridge with a rainbow and I run… I have got all my power as a young male dog. I can see them, my old friends who have gone long time ago. Once I turn around, look at the mom and her puppies and then I send a wish deep from my heart to all animal protectors of this world! Please help to spay and neuter! Please stop that suffering: I have lived on the street in the dirt, without food and love. Help me to reduce the amount of nobodies! Now I go across the bridge, I am free and happy for the first time!

Your nobody.

Thank you, Melanie Henkel for these moving text.