Update:  Willow has safely arrived in the US to her new home with Nancy Janes (see pictures below from her arrival).


This little dog, called Tziganca, arrived at Romania Animal Rescue in a very bad condition. Her little body has been eaten away by a monster tumor. We don't know how long she had the tumor you can see in the photos. She has had a very hard life being kept on a chain in a yard.

A kind rescuer persuaded her owner to let her take her out of the yard for veterinary treatment and she was brought to Romania Animal Rescue last week. Her tumor has been removed but unfortunately she does have a cancerous bladder tumor that cannot be removed. But there is good news - Tziganca's life is being transformed. Nancy Janes, founder of Romania Animal Rescue, saw Tziganca and decided there was no way she was going back to spend what time she has left on a chain in a miserable yard with a freezing Romanian winter just starting.

Luckily, Dr. Aurelian has persuaded Tziganca's owner to surrender her into the care of Romania Animal Rescue. Nancy Janes has adopted Tziganca and she has a new name - Willow! We don't know exactly how long Willow has left but she's not in pain and with lots of love and care she can have some happy time in her life. We think she looks better already. Nancy is paying for Willow's surgery and flight costs......Willow has her flight booked and will be heading to the USA soon to spend the rest of her life as part of Nancy and Rory Janes family in California....with her ten doggie siblings. Willow has won the doggie lottery! We are so happy for her and yet again are inspired by the kindness and dedication of Nancy and Rory to the animals that come into the care of Romania Animal Rescue. Thank you for everything that you do.